Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bring back the Brazilian

All week we heard about how the Roar were tied of their players and how Frankie was being sent to Brazil to buy new players next year - and no-one was safe.

And what happens?

Simon Lynch gets sick, Ante gets sick, Sasha gets sick and...

... at last Reinaldo gets a full game under Frank.

And surprise surprise he is the star. He set up Dario for a missed opportunity, came close to scoring from a turn off the turf, and then in the second half gets in front of his marker and heads in to finish a Damian Mori cross bar shot.

So despite all that time watching from the stands, or starting late in the game from the bench, Roar's leading goal scorers are Ante 4, Dario 4 (including 2 in one game) and Reinaldo 4 winners.

The Roar already have the Brazilian we need - start him every week - oh there are only 2 games left.


Hamish said...

Yep, Reinaldo was the star last night.

Six or seven weeks ago I heavilly sledged Reinaldo for underperforming. Now I think I was wrong then too.

Someone (maybe you John, maybe Jecce) pointed out how teams shut down Reinaldo as part of their strategy. It was I think my inexperience as a football observer that meant that I wasn't at first watching for that part of the equation. Since then of course I've had little opportunity but it has become clear nevertheless how difficult he makes things for a team's defence.

I hope we keep him. Love the backflips too. Call me cynical but that sort of action is good for the crowds and hence good for the game. Kids just love it.

Jeccy - for the Roar said...

'Kids just love it'

We do too!! Ok, officially I still am a kid, but my whole family does too!!
And it was me that pointed it out that he's always being held back. I've always believed in him, even if nobody else did. Hopefully he will get more of a chance now!!