Friday, January 12, 2007

Roar beat Melbourne 1-2

Confidence plus motivation have re-engaged the Roar's talent. Sometimes confidence and motivation can be enough. Almost always lack of confidence and, or lack motivation will sink a team. The A-league seats have witnessed this from the up and down form of both Queensland and New Zealand, as well as the Central Coast front of goal efforts.

Melbourne 1 Queensland 2
Crowd 28,900

The early news was Spase's pinpoint pass to Dario who flicked for - Mori's fantastic turn and step into space for a bulging net and his first Roar goal (18th Minute). Mori then copped an elbow to the head from Steve Pantelidis and played the rest of his game (77 minutes) bandaged to look like he had tonsillitis. A little later Pantelidis got what I thought looked like a wack from the ball - but the ref called a foul by Mori. Anyway by the second half Pantelidis and Mori were fighting for every ball and wearing matching bandages. Great match up.

In the first half the Roar's midfield dominated. Their best performance of the season.

Into the second half, the Roar sat back behind the ball. Sinking lower and lower into their final third. They missed a chance to beat Sydney playing this game in round one (1-1). By the 70th minute their energy seemed drained. And Melbourne got closer and closer until Archie Thompson picked up a ball rebounding from Ben Griffin's knee and toed in from around the middle of the penalty box (80th minute). This awoke the Roar's attacking game. And after a few missed opportunities from both sides, Dario Vidosic ran onto a left side cross in 90 minutes plus three. And the Roar had won.

The man of the match was Perth training squad and Australian under 20 goalkeeper Tando Velaphi. Tando pulled off at least one world class, right sided punching, save and several brave stops. Frank said this was his opportunity, and expect to see him in the Perth line-up next year - unless the Roar can snaffle him. Seo also had a great game taking Muscat out of the game. Spase had moments of great passing and setting up opportunities as did Reinaldo. Of course Sasa was back and he made a difference.

There was some downside for the Roar. Josh McCloughan and Matty McKay both seem to have scored their 4th yellow cards for the season and will miss the final and critical game against Sydney at home next week. Ref Mark Shield seemed to lose control around the middle of the game handing out 7 yellow cards in total. Several for minor offences. Matty's for apparently wasting time at the end of the first half (thanks Jeccy - talking to Frankie). Matty may be off contract at the end of the season - so we keep our fingers crossed he will be retained (thanks Jeccy - commentators suggest he has signed for two more years).

This will mean Massimo, who played around 26 minutes at his speedy best, will be key. He narrowly missed a goal opportunity just after coming on.


wayne said...

well,well done! 90th +3 minute goals are the sweetest, eh! I think you really should ask the FFA to have another look at Reddy's stomp, surely it was more malicious than first thought ;) pity about matty mackay...hey, where's the song boyo?

Hamish said...

Good on ya John. A rather more technical analysis than mine.

I'm gonna be happy and anxious all week.

Jeccy - for the Roar said...

Just listening to the commentators prattle, it seems Matty has just signed another two year contract with the Roar. Agree with you about our keeper. He was brilliant!
As for the yellow cards, Mattys was useless. He was listening to Frank Farina. Give Farina the yellow! And Spase got his for helping the guy up! The foul was awarded, and Spase gave the guy a hand getting up, but he had his arm around the guys neck. But it wasn't malicious or anything. He was genuilly just helping the guy out. Verucht.

Roar fan said...

Those yellow cards were stupid. We are going to miss Matty and McClogs next week though i think it was only Spase's 3rd yellow of the season so he'll play next week.

The Round Ball Analyst said...

Congrats ladies and gentlemen, a great win for the club.

Certainly keeps things very interesting.

john said...

Thanks Roar fan. I have assumed that the Roar stats wouldn't have been up to date. They must be instant.

john said...

Thanks Wayne - just chillin' on Talking Heads - Take me to the water.. put me in the river...

Scary Monkey said...

Still fuming, but the fury is slowly subsiding. As a result of my anger, I cannot say much about Queensland's performance. Even if it was good, it was overshadowed by Melbourne's (lack of) performance, to this Victory fan anyway.

Nevertheless Velaphi was hard to miss, definitely someone to keep an eye on as his football career progresses. The only other comment is that I though Spase had a number of good touches, but that's not very fair on the rest of the Qld team that I don't swoon over as much. Good to see Mass back too.

Go and trounce Sydney and have a great run in the finals... except when you play Melbourne. But hopefully next time Lia and Kovacic won't play, and the rest feel competitive again.

john said...

Never Mind Scary

Ernie says they are best team ever to play club football in Australia.

Do you want the bad news on Spase?

Scary Monkey said...

What bad news? As long as he's playing there's no bad news.