Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brisbane v Adelaide kickoff 7:00pm Friday

Adelaide has the strongest squad in the A-League, Brisbane has the best team, system and coach.

The turn-up, oops didn't turn up, nature of the Adelaide team has been their greatest challenge. Then there is the over-reliance on a single goalscorer (Van Dijk).

Despite not turning up against Perth, turning up big time against Melbourne and then not turning up against Sydney last night, I think they will turn up against Brisbane.

Prediction: Friday night at Suncorp will be Brisbane's greatest challenge so far.


Hamish Alcorn said...

Indeed. They'll bring it.

Do you get the feeling that maybe some of the despairing teams at the moment (is that all of them except Brisbane and Perth) are struggling precisely because their coaches are trying to develop a decent system, in order to face the Roar.

As Roar fans we know that it takes time. Indeed we get the feeling that The Roar developed quite a bit of Ange's expected schedule.

Another way, *if* other A-League coaches are getting serious about a short-passing, ensemble style of play, then that might be evidenced by some uncharacteristically sloppy performances (like MV last night).

Just wondering.

john said...

Yes I think you are onto something - perhaps Perth will be the surprise of the season?