Friday, October 28, 2011

Brisbane 7 v Adelaide 1... match of the season.. Berisha is the best striker in A-League history

When Dario brilliantly hit the back of the net on 5 minutes it looked as if at last Brisbane's time had come. Broich had said earlier in the week that they had been lucky. Perhaps that had run out?

But no. On when the pressure. Fox had asked would Brisbane be able to chase this season, well yes. Time and again they picked off former Roar Susak. Steffanuto wide on the left flank, cut into the box and then across the goal, none there. Remonstrations all round.

Then Mitch beats everyone into the box, tackle from behind penalty. Where is my red? No only a yellow. Henrique does his long wait, run and stop, keeper dives then kick it in the other side. Then it is the Berisha show. This guy is the goods. Again it is the left flank and cut in with cross. Now we see what they where trying to do. Before Adelaide know it they are 4-1 down. Another penalty. This time Matt Smith, as captain, asks the ref Henrique was through and his legs taken out from behind - why no red card? Then 5-1. Two penalties to Henrique three premier league quality goals to Berisha.

In the second half, Brisbane were prepared to dominate. Adelaide where happy not to loose 10-1. Berisha got his 4th. Then Issy came on and got one.

Sorry Issy. Time to give Luke Brattan a go.


Hamish Alcorn said...

Issey seems to have some resistance to the ensemble philosophy of play, but I haven't given up on him and as Ange says, there's no pressure on the incoming players to be first team players from the top.

But there was no surprise was there? First goal of the season has natural disappointment but the Roar's style always has them vulnerable at the beginning as many games we had to catch last year show, as well as all the opportunities against us in the past few games being early in the game. We knew it was coming and Adelaide, with Dario and Serge (both nurtured at the Roar, no less), were good candidates.

That is to say that, in a way, the early goal against us has always virtually been part of the plan. The only question after it was scored was, "How many are we going to score in return." Wasn't the answer to that question nice?

Now, about these crowds...

john said...

Thanks Hamish
Yes. But Luke Brattan deserves a go. He and james Myer are as good as Issey, and both are from Brisbane. Hardly any of the squad were brought up here.

Hamish Alcorn said...

John, firstly, did you see Les Murray's Behind The Roar? If not, I'm sure you'll want to.

Second, I've been waiting for the next level of analysis about what The Roar are doing - more or less follow-up to the above video. This morning I found this on The Roar (sports opinion) website.

Anyway, if you weren't aware of this stuff I thought you'd want to be. Hopefully there'll be more of this kind of analysis, but I think much of the football media is as far behind as most of the coaches.

john said...

thanks Hamish
I'll have a look

Hamish Alcorn said...

Btw John, congrats on your 1000th post!

Ange and the Roar, I am finding, are a wonderful teacher. I keep craving a deeper analysis of what's happening, which is why I linked the two stories above.

Found an even better analysis of the last game on Pass and Move. Fascinating stuff.

I hope I'm not spamming with these links. If you haven't found them yourself I thought you'd want to. Cheers.