Saturday, October 08, 2011

Brisbane 1 v CCM 0 - hacktonberry

This game was all Brisbane. A margin of 3 or 4 was there for them. Perhaps a little over cooking of their lead up. And some miss firing from new forward Issy the artist Nakajima showed some great touches but overall made the classic mistake of trying to win the game with every touch. Of the new players, I enjoyed Besart Berisha and Kofi Danning. Kofi came on late and showed real class down the far right.

The man of the match was Mitch Nichols. CCM were content, disappointingly to take turns getting yellow cards hacking down Broich - I thought that they would have more talent than they showed.

The first half was all Roar. In the second, CCM got the ball into the Roar half more, but this led to Mitch's goal and lay bear their limits.

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