Saturday, June 04, 2011

Up the hill backwards, you'll be OK

I am missing the A-League more this off season than any other. I watched the European Cup final because I wanted to see something like our A-League. And there was Barcelona, with their over privileged squad copying Brisbane. And Manchester United copying Perth Glory, with less effect.

Soccer, basketball and union have paid a high price for helping Foxtel, via access to unique content, to become a commercially viable alternative TV source. And now Foxtel has joined the AFL revolution. It was also very disappointed to see the speed with which Foxtel dropped the A-League within minutes of the Final's penalty kickout. Imagine watching the FA Cup Final without the trophy lifting? I think there was a weird IPL match on or something.

But I am ready to watch Brisbane Roar again. Even without the Fury, the A-League is a technical success. You want that hot preparation ground for young socceroos and A-League Socceroos as preparation for Asian climates. And we should be looking to give Asia's hot and cold climate teams challenges with our vastness - Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

It was amazing to hear Lyall Gorman stated that crowds would improve this year. I hope he is right as there will be no hiding if he isn't. I assume he has a massive campaign planned.

One more thought, isn't it amazing that the smart people at FFA actually believed that they could win the right to host the World Cup? Or is there more to it?


Hamish said...

Thanks for the off-season post John. Was just thinking about writing something myself.

Am also looking forward to October 8. You'll be pleased to hear I have purchased season tickets. Given where I fit in the new-fan demographic, and general good Roar vibes, I suspect there'll be thousands like me.

But as you can imagine FIFA corruption and its recent brazenness and contempt for the fans has my blood boiling.

And there is very little I can do, as a mere fan, about it without boycotting the game or something, which would be too great a personal cost.

So I am boycotting merchandise, and will be wearing only black to all official football games until Blatter is out.


Ed said...

Yep, me too. I will finally be back in Bris (which may well mean the roar go all crap again). I'll miss the first couple of games but will be there for the rest of the season. Looking forward to it. I've been going to SHB Danang in the V-League over hear in Vietnam but they are not quite Roarcalona.

john said...

Hey Ed

We should meet this time round!


Ed said...

for sure!