Friday, June 10, 2011

Couple of days in Melbourne - Santo, Srebre Delovski, Johnny Warren, Archie Thompson but no Serbia

Of course Santo was right. I had had just bought a copy of Archie Thompson's 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' Santo Caruso, owner of Australia's best specialist football bookshop 'Melbourne Sports Books', reckoned that Archie Thompson was playing in a couple of hours for the Socceroos against Serbia. 'No way' I had said, 'He's way out of contention.' How wrong I was.

Still, I was pleased to get a copy of Archie's book. To be honest I didn't know he had written one and I think he is the first current A-League player to do so. More on that later.

Amazingly, I also got an as new copy of Johnny Warren and Andrew Dettre's 1974 classic 'Soccer in Australia' for just $10.

Earlier in the day at Victoria Markets, I walked past a very recognisable face among a group of men in track suits. Oh FIFA track suits. 'I know that guy.' Hey its Srebre Delovski. 'FIFA must have some training or event on.' (I think the Ref for the Socceroo game is there in the photo too).

By the time I got to Melbourne Sports Books I realised that the Serbia game I had set to record was actually in Melbourne. Later, as we made our to the sky bus we mingled with many very tall men in red, some carrying flags. Very different to Brisbane. Where were the yellow scarfs and flags, and the kids? Later still I watched the game on a TV set into the back of the seat in front of me. Archie was there. He didn't get much of a look in though.

Oh and we got some of Australia's best Italian cakes at Dolcetti on Victoria street - yum

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