Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craig Foster's Fozz on football

I wish I had this book 5 years ago when I started coaching. I would have got 'it' more quickly. It is about having space, which equals time.

His passion comes through. So does Craig's reputation for not pulling punches. He isn't going to count to 10 before saying what thinks, and if he does it isn't going to change anyway.

The over-riding message is that if we play better, football will take its place as the top sport in Australia. This is the over-riding message I get whenever I hear the SBS crew. It is an appealing message. And certainly we won't win the world cup without it. It will help us to get the most out of the players we have. However, I think the issue is more complex. The popularity of a sport is about more than how it looks.

To prove Australia is a great sporting nation we need to play sports the world plays. That is soccer. But the media just paid a squillian for a sport that is not played seriously anywhere else in the world. That is a big vested interest. One that will not be given up just because of the way soccer is played. Just a thought.

Craig Foster's book will help coaches of children and youth, even A-League coaches. I recommend taking time to read it.

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