Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Football fights back... I can smell the taste of Victory (I'm almost with you)

The winter season can be quiet on the media front. Not this year.

The news from the World Cup has been bad, particularly on corruption at FIFA. However, Ben Buckley and the clubs have followed this up with a truck load of good, OK and other news. So soccer is staying there on the sporting pages, reminding families that it is an entertainment option for next season. And when it is, AFL and NRL will not be on. Only the falling over itself - once great - cricket.

Harry Kewell needs to play in the A-League more than the A-League needs him. Yes we need him - a lot. He will be a massive boon. But how many people in other countries buy shirts because they see an advert with Harry in it? Really, if he can stand out here, Harry should make massive amounts of money without taking the much needed extra gate-take that he will bring. The only benefit in paying him is the encouragement for others that they could make a fortune in Australia.

Marcus Flores was the best player last year, but he has given Adelaide the opportunity to find another this year. More spark. Their management has a great attitude.

Ben Buckley was great at the SBS fan forum. SBS are promoting the game in Australia which is great. Thanks for coming back guys. Craig Foster has written a great book so we can now understand this 'come to play football' stuff. And Les Murray also has another book out.

Archie Thompson has a book - the first for a current player?

Newcastle has been brilliant in their ticket prices, $8.85 for adults!

Heart have Fred. Their coach has bagged the league and says he wants to leave. But that sounded like what it was - an excuse for his own under-whelming performance.

Brisbane got their season tickets out early and well priced.

Who knows what is in stall for the A-League in 2011-12. But given the current environment strategic map options, the best has been made of it.

Now it is up the fans.

Come on Miron, yell a bit louder.

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