Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sustainability and this Grand Final

This is a big game for the A-League.

Up until November 2010 the Roar's brand was still in trouble. Perhaps a result other than the incredible and unpredictable winning streak you we have seen would have seen the A-League in full retreat across Queensland. Gold Coast's future is unclear, but we could have seen all Queensland teams under FFA management. Perhaps with little prospect of new owners.

This makes what the FFA does next absolutely vital. And they aren't giving much away.

And unfortunately, the result on Sunday is critical. Somewhere in FFA there must be at least a little thought that world wrestling's business model would be a good option. Or perhaps even the controlled outcomes we see from AFL (where important markets are given access to money, the best coaches and the best young and old players until their cash flow is positive). But you can't do that. This is the world commodity game, globalised and with the least trade barriers, much of the 'net' money flows towards FIFA. FIFA, by and large, is the only part of the structure with a robust monopoly. And we know that in the long term, to make above average returns on capital employed you need a monopoly (among friends let's call it a competitive advantage).

My advice, make the most of the lead up. Savor every moment and every pass of the game. Next season is going to be, as the saying goes, interesting.


Hamish said...

Absolutely. A crucial moment to get right strategically.

You'll be interested in this is you haven't read it already.

john said...

Thanks Hamish