Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Brisbane Roar: Defence Squad Review (for Sunday 4pm 13 March)

Michael Theokiltos - Keeper
Score: 9 / 10
32 starts for 32 games. 87 saves and 12 clean sheets.

Perhaps Ange's key signing for the year. The Greek connection probably played some role. However, there is no doubting Theo's quality. While the strength of the team in front, means he won't get full recognition, Theo is in the top 2 keepers in the A-League.

Luke Devere (Centre Back)
Score: 6 / 10
26 starts in 26 games, and 1 goal from 5 attempts on target, and 2 assists.

While Luke came a long way under Craig Moore's guidance, this season he broke out on his own. However, the move to Korea was ill advised. Young people must play, and he is unlikely to get quality game time. At the same time the Korea training approach will push his body to its limits. His unorthodox runs through the middle of the park, rewarded at least once by a Solorzano goal, were a season highlight.

Matt Smith (Centre Back)
Score: 7.5 / 10
32 starts in 32 games. 2 goals from 8 shots on target, and 1 assist.

A real find from Fury. Solid in defence and a threat from set pieces in attack. Very reliable and amazingly strong in the air compared to his centre forward rivals.

Ivan Franjic (Right Back)
Score: 9 / 10
20 starts in 22 games. 2 goals from 16 shots on target, 5 assists.

Moved ahead leaps and bounds this year. A find for Farina was turned into the best 'overlapping' right back in the A-League under Ange. His pressurizing runs, great crosses and preparedness to shoot, added to the Roar exciting 'go forward' approach. Plus his use of twitter has marked Ivan as a real asset to the club. Soon for Socceroo duty.

Shane Stefanutto (Left Back)
Score: 7.5 / 10
21 starts in 22 games. 1 assist and no shots on target.

Another great buy in a player that Fury reportedly paid the season before the 6 highest salary-capped salary in the A-League. The speed is not there any more and some teams tried to attack down his flank. But Shane more than made up for speed with football smarts.

Milan Susak (Centre Back and Right Back)
Score 6 / 10
24 starts from 28 games, with 3 shots on target.

Out of position and perhaps injured for much of the season, Susak looked a lot better in the centre rather than running forward on the right. When on the right his lack of penetration and inability to give and go, made Roar look very left sided.

Matt Mundy (substitute Back)
Score 5 / 10
5 starts from 15 games.

Mundy looked like a real find in first few games. However, he was unable to sustain his impact. Will be interesting to see where his takes his game from here.

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