Monday, March 14, 2011

Brisbane 2 v Central Coast 2 (Brisbane 4-2 on penalties)

50,100 were there. More than 10,000 left early (who will admit that in years to come).

More later.


Hamish said...

John this is a great day for Brisbane, the A-League, Matty McKay etc, and it is a great day for all Brisbane fans.

But this comment is for you. A true fan, who has been there from the beginning, blogging through thick and thin.

A theme throughout your five years of blogging has been the need for the Roar to be successful on the pitch, not just for the Roar but for the League. Another theme has been the need for high quality football to attract crowds and attention.

I hope this moment keeps you grinning for weeks. It will me. Happy days!

john said...

Thank you Hamish