Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The press perspective

Have a read of this on why the Roar crowd is down.

Perhaps the point had been missed here that the Brisbane crowd is down because Van Dijk left - another foreign player opportunistically pitching from one club to the next for better money and a show case opportunity for an Asian transfer. Roll on central control of player contracts - like the US MLS and stop this anti-fan nonsense.

And this from Mike Colman on the power of controversy in sport:

'When he loaded up his mouth and fired off his bombs newspaper sales would go through the roof, television cameras would follow him through hotel foyers, and the man in the street would be frothing at the mouth with moral indignation. ...

God love 'em all actually. I mean where would we be without them? If not for the Arthurs, Akers, Mundines and Campos of this world, we sportswriters would be forced to write about . . . well, sport. And let's face it, how boring would that be?'

The real question is do these comments get people to games, and for that matter do the articles?

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