Sunday, September 05, 2010

Newcastle 0 v Brisbane 0

Newcastle have survived. And 7,066 watched.

The game was mared by 72 km per hour winds.

But Brisbane were not as good as we have seen them.

Still they were unlucky as Topor-Stanley could clearly be seen holding Solorzano's shirt and earlier Reinaldo was pulled away from goal as his header hit the cross bar.

At the other end Petrovski begged for his simulation to be counted as a penalty, Michael Bridges won a free kick with his dive against Murdocca and Solorzano was book for over doing an unfair challenge. Still, in Solorzano's case at least he can see how the game is played here.

Ruben Z was sent off for a 2nd yellow dive in challenge. I saw him get a straight red for a similar challenge when he played for Sydney. And perhaps Wehrman was lucky not to get 2 yellows.


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