Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gold Coast 1 v Newcastle 0 - Dijte no Duke

For 88 minutes Gold Coast can showed how dull short passing possession football can be. Especially when so many runs end in a poor pass or shot from way too far out. Then right back John Curtis worked some individual magic on his own for a cracking goal to save the game.

Newcastle found it too easy to sit back and defend for all but around 15 minutes in the middle of the second half.

Poor Bruce Dijte, he isn't a replacement for Smeltz, and too easily hustled out of the game.

The crowd of 2092 was a few people bigger than the weekend but hardly great for a school holiday crowd. Surely there are coast kids on leave and tourists from all over Australia? They aren't at the beach at night.

Gold Coast need a Charlie Miller to back up Jason Culina - who once again had to do just about everything. Miron was very aware that without the goal, he'd be under real pressure - not as coach but leader of the club.

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