Saturday, September 04, 2010

Match Preview Newcastle Jets v Brisbane Roar

Central Coast reminded us what can happen to a club that feels hard done by. However, Newcastle has had six years of issues with financing, winning the title, dud foreign players, sacking coaches, open disagreements between the owner and fans.

While I think Branco Culina could be the best coach in Australia, it may be that he will struggle with the current odds. The Roar beat Newcastle once before 0-5 (pity it wasn't at home). The same could be on again tomorrow. However, such a result could be pretty ominous for the future of the A-League. Can the FFA afford to own another team?

Does FFA have the strategy and resources to address the chronic problems with the ownership of clubs - FFA to own all? or centralised marketing/ticket sales and or fan based ownership, plus strategies to lower club costs - new fields and changes to the salary cap arrangements?

A lot hangs on the FIFA world cup decision in December.

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