Sunday, March 07, 2010

So is Melbourne automatically into next year's AFC?

Did Wellington betting Newcastle 3-1 in extra time mean that Melbourne automatically had Australia's 2nd 2011 AFC spot? Or will the FFA let Wellington let represent Australia? How will the AFC react to this? Will AFC have the final say?

Melbourne just drew 2-2 with Sydney so they go through to a home Grand Final in two weeks. 3-2 on aggregate.

FFA were hoping for 60,000 at a Sydney v Melbourne - Sydney home final. Now it could have Melbourne v Wellington at Etihad. How will this go?

Or will we have the 4th Melb v Syd in a row? Is this the future of the A-League? Heart v Rovers or FC or Victory?


Anonymous said...

i thought it was already stated that Wely couldn`t enter the ACL.


Hamish said...

Liam Reddy turned out to have made a very smart move hey? Seems like the biggest winner in the whole Roar implosion.

john said...

Hey Hamish - remember Robbie Kruse? So far the biggest winner. Shows what the Roar setup could not do.

Thanks Clayton, I don't remember. So Melbourne could already be in?