Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fury Update

In The Australian and the Courier Mail.

Good to see Townsville rallying behind Fury because they did really well I think.

Fury lost $4m to $6m and got $1.5m from FFA. Adelaide got $1.5m, Roar got $1.5m. Gold Coast got FFA support for home games. But Central Coast got FFA dollars? Didn't they just announce a massive redevelopment program?

I'd like to see a bit more transparency. Or maybe it is better we don't.

'As revealed exclusively in The Australian on Thursday, North Queensland is not alone in its financial woes with the combined loss of the 10 clubs in the A-League expected to go as high as $25m this season.'
"Some $16m of that loss comes from just three clubs - Sydney FC will lose between $5m-$7m and Gold Coast and North Queensland around $5m each. Fox Sports

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