Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is a dream a lie if it don't come true? Or is it something worse?

Come on FFA. Are you happy with this?

I am not very happy about the way I have been treated as a member of Brisbane Roar. The club seems to put owners and sponsors ahead of fans. And the motivations and goals of the owners and sponsors seem to be unclear, at least to me.

Today it was announced that there would be no marquee player next season. And in 2 or 3 years, if there is one it will be a $350,000 one not a $1 million player.

Ever heard the expression going broke saving money?

And they are not sure whether they will play at Suncorp or Ballymore next year. But they have said they don't want to go to Ballymore because the corporate facilities are not comfortable enough.

Ben Buckley CEO of FFA has already made public and clear that he believes that the owners of the Roar have no plan to make the club viable. Todays announcements are more evidence of that.

Poor Ange, so much for saying that he wants to make Brisbane the A-League's biggest club.

Do people buy expensive cars and then not drive them because they are too expensive to run? So they give (not even sell) the petrol and oil away. Then think they can't drive the thing so they give the wheels away (wheels are too expensive to maintain anyway). Then park them outside their houses so people can see what a great car they own?


Anonymous said...

These are great owners in Brisbane - you really might be better off supporting the women`s team (who have won trophies) or watching state league.

OTOH - Marquee or no marquee - it is a team sport. A lot of people thought Newc looked like a rabble at the start of the season, but they ended up having a decent season.


john said...

Sorry Clayton I disagree

Anonymous said...

which part?


Hamish said...

Your analysis seems pretty spot on John.

Ed said...

damn, at this rate I wont bother coming back!