Monday, July 28, 2008

A week in football

The Roar are playing Central Coast at Perry Park next Sunday at 3pm. It is a while since this small ground, the home of the Brisbane Strikers, has seen a national competition game.

The first two rounds of the pre-season indicate that no team has, as yet, landed the killer blow from the transfer arms race. Perth got to launch the aging Trinidad without much impact. But it is probably too early to see the game changers emerge. And we aren’t getting to see much of these games.

Jon McKain. When Frank Farina took over at the Roar a mate listed the players he thought Frank would try to tempt back to the A-League. Jon McKain was prominent on that list. And the Roar were first on the list when McKain decided to head home this season. Unfortunately, they did not reach terms. The Roar have issues at the back. Sasa Ogenovski had numerous fights with team mates and clearly that is not sustainable. However, an A-League team is built from the back and it took a good season for Sasa to reach his potential. I think DeVere will be a great full back. McKain is already reported as saying that he wants to play for the Roar. The Roar’s loss is Wellington’s gain. And we are still waiting for the killer performance from, the yet to be signed, Charlie Miller.

Stuart McLaren. Stuart was used as a utility player by the Roar last year, mainly defence and mid-field. I think he played a game as Captain. However, injury and some unlucky expulsions reduced his season. He waited for another opportunity but had to return to the Strikers as Captain – Coach and the new Queensland league to pay the bills. He has been injured and that may rule him out of the A-League. I think Stuart made a fantastic contribution to the Roar as a player - particularly on dark days - and to the A-League as a leader and spokesperson. He once said to me ‘these are the glory days.’ P.S. the injuries and suspensions have continued in the Queensland State League - and redemption see here.

Some rhyming slang, ‘diving in the box, Alex Brosque’. But instead of proving the difference as he did last week against the Roar, this week he provided Bosnich the opportunity to start his A-League career as a hero by saving the resulting penalty. And the reports assessed Sydney’s attack as lacking ideas. Music to the ears of injured John Aloisi.


Ed V said...

Sorry for the off topic but am at work and cant get anyone here excited about what I just read on Reinaldo is Returning to Roar!

Thought as one of the (few) Bloggers who seemed to rate the big guy you might share my exightment?

wayne said...

You sound a touch pessimistic there John, I wouldn't read too much into pre-season results, and you still have Moore at the back. BTW, how are your young blokes going?

john said...

Ed you are never off topic!!! I heard this from you. Which means I probably owe you a beer!

Not pessimistic any more Wayne. Yes I am having great coaching adventures. I can't believe the lessons I am learning. There is an amazing blog there... like how I went to FIFA and signed a player from Chile.