Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thanks Juninho, it's a good story anyway...

This week, according to the Courier Mail, Juninho withdrew from the Roar v Palmeiras game on 12 July. Why? because the Roar decided not to sign 19 year old Bruno Mezenga? The Roar are not a charity.

Juninho played for Palmeiras and Mezenga's club Flamengo (he was fired in 2005). However, Mezenga has struggled to retain a place at Flamengo and has been unable to regularly score goals while on loan for lower placed clubs. After a few runs for the Roar his move was starting to look like a hospital pass. The Roar, already the victim of duds like Chinese former international Zhang, wisely declined the offer to give Mezenga another chance. After reportedly scoring 52 goals in two seasons as a junior for Flemengo he has scored only 4 in 42 games since 2005.

As for Juninho. He was a bit of a disappointment. Sydney FC coach John Kosmina inherited Juninho when he took over as coach. And made it clear that he was disappointed at the Brazilians fitness and regular injuries. While a World Cup winner, Jininho was also a disappointment as a crowd draw compared to ex ManU star Dwight Yorke or the equally fragile Benito Carbone.

My view is that at the time he signed on for the Roar v Palmeiras match he had an eye to potential contracts with Perth, Adelaide or Gold Coast. But now? without regular training or match practice perhaps he sees little point in a trip to Oz.

Maybe Juninho found his reason in the little know Mezenga.

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