Thursday, July 24, 2008

Socceroos: Brisbane gets the opener

Wednesday 15 October.

There has been a lot of argy bargy about the final game against Japan in June 2009 - who will get it Sydney or Melbourne. But this opener against Qatar is actually the critical game of the series. The Socceroos must win. Nothing else will do.

Their wins in the last round against Qatar allowed them to progress. Don't underestimate Qatar. They have the money to buy and win and they are prepared to - Iraq appealed against their nationalisation process for Brazilians and Uruguayans and got knocked back.

If the Socceroos can't win against Qatar at home, the odds are that they will not qualify. Simple as that.

Then going to see them play Japan 8 months later could be the same as the China game the other month. And that is why Melbourne got the gig, because the people of Melbourne love sport and they will fill the G no matter what. On the other hand, all we heard from the Sydney press for the China was wingeing. Sad but true.

So Sydney gets an earlier game that is still likely to have something riding on it. And the FFA gets the much needed money from full stadiums to fund the next leg of development for football in Australia.

So it is up to us. The Socceroos must win at Lang Park October against Qatar. And they need us to get them in the net.

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