Sunday, October 14, 2007

A-League: Central Coast 0 - Roar 1

-- Something funny happened. I must have fell asleep or something. Because I thought the Roar was at home and were wearing yellow. That we'd conceded an goal early from some brilliant attacking football and a goalkeeping lapse. Then had one of our players sent off for a minor foul (remember Chad Gibson v Sydeny in Sydney last year?) and yet still out-played the other team who just sat back and only did what was necessary in reaction to the flow of game. --

But it was the Roar playing away and we had won. But not in a way I had ever seen the Roar do before. Foxtel called it winning ugly. Oh, so that's what it looks like and feels like. Not much to write home about is it?

I had seen this type of game before of course. Twice this season when Central Coast and Sydney came up to make sure that there was no entertain for our home fans.

Reinaldo played well and again was involved in the play that led to the corner that led to the goal (great backheel). McKay was more involved today, mainly getting fouled including the notorious send off (which he kept out of). Kruse looked good and was attacking. Nichols came on and looked like he should also get a start. Lynch had a few half chances but was pretty lonely upfront despite the 11-10 overlap. In fact, the Roar played like they were a man down. And worse just could not keep possession. And Tiatto got his 4th yellow so again he doesn't play Newcastle (Stuart Mclaren in?).

Marcinho eh, just not sure about him.

Still, for most home fans it is a win they may not have watched and the 3 points take the Roar from 7th to 5th (just off 4th on goal difference).


In the Newcastle 2 v Wellington 0 game I saw a refing decision I hadn't seen before - the ref call time just before the ball rolled into the net (may also have been a hand ball penalty) - so the refs don't wait till the end of an attacking play to call time.

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lily said...

hey, was at the game today. is always nice watching other teams, not having the emotional investment and hearing the same frustrations that you may have about your team from their fans. was curious to see tiatto in action again as well, having watched him play a few times at man city many moons ago. being told that your team is winning ugly is probably a compliment. the roar are a good team, so it stands to reason that they will win, ugly or not.
interested in your thoughts on orsatti's column today...