Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A ten-team A-League? Sooner the better...

Everything I have heard and read to date suggested that 2 new teams would enter the A-League in 2008-9. However, a statement from Ben Buckley via Fox (9 October 2007) states that the original agreement with the foundation clubs was 5 years (2010-2011).

Waiting another 2 and half seasons would be bad. Already the teams know each other backwards and barring some accident from the ref, a draw is the most likely outcome. Plus while the talent in the A-League has gone up, there is an argument that the entertainment value has gone down as away teams grind out draws or smash and grab wins with defensive games.

New teams will spread the talent. Keep more talent in Australia. And give more undiscovered players a go. Plus there will be more goals and more wins, particularly at home if far North Queensland and perhaps Tasmania get a go. Also, we get to see more players from Asia.

Forget the consultancy Ben, just do it.


wayne said...

yep, two more`would be good. Townsville and maybe Woolongong? I see Aloisi did get cited, haha. So Kruse and Zull o aren't gauaranteed starts next week at Gosford? suits me, ;-)

lily said...

hey, glad to find you! yes would agree wholeheartedly. a team in nth queensland and a team in canberra. the canberra one is a priority. the FFA need to do this much quicker than the five years planned.
just reading back on some of your other posts, agree about the SFC crowds needing to be over 20000- but have watched my fickle fellow sydneysiders stop coming when the team weren't doing so well last year, and now stopping again because they understand little about new signings and marquee players needing at least five minutes to fit into a team. any ideas on improving crowds should be shouted out to anyone that will listen, but half of the battle is with the at times unforgiving fans. i hope the people start coming back, the boys need the support!

Hamish said...

Re: the Sydney crowd issue.

Is it something about Sydney itself? Fast paced, saturated options for things to do, short attention span... features of a large metropolis. Places like Wellington and Townsville - places with less to do, a more relaxed pace in general and a longer attention span - will naturally show greater enthusiasm for their teams, especially in lean times, despite the much lower populations.

Food for thought perhaps, though of course I might be way off the mark.

john said...

Thanks Wayne
Good point Hamish

And welcome Lily

lily said...

cheers for the welcome! hamish you are on the money, i definitely agree, is just frustrating, as i am sure it is for other clubs such as the roar -please correct me if i am wrong there, have never had the pleasure of getting to a roar home game. it never fails to surprise me that the victory manages such a large fanbase in such an afl stronghold, yet we can't manage that against the nrl for a few short weeks of the season.