Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Round 16 state of the gate take...

The top graph shows the difference in crowd size between this year and last season. It focuses on each home game and the plus or minus 10,000 patrons result. So it cuts off Melbourne's booming gate. The second graph is the crowd per home game and show Melbourne running away, and the up and down trends of the other clubs. Melbourne gate has been limited a couple of times by the size of Olypic park.

More than twice as people have bought tickets to Melbourne Victory’s home games as they did last year. Hats off to Geoff Lord for hanging on when others like the Perth owners moved on, the FFA for their support, Ernie Merrick for holding his nerve, Fred for coming, Archie for coming back and Guus Hiddink for not giving Archie game time.

The crowd performance for 2006-7 over 2005-6 is Qld are down (3,371) on the same number of home games, Adelaide are up 7,959 and Romario can claim around 5,000 of this gain, Sydney are down (4,480) and this is despite a reasonable place on the table - the gap is probably financed by higher ticket prices, Newcastle is down (3,578) due to poor early season form, Perth, still without an owner driving a clear brand strategy is down (16,614), NZ is down (8,644) from a low base, Central Coast with plenty of performance behind them last year and home games in hand is up 8,751 on the same number of home games as last year and Melbourne up 93,378. Melbourne is obviously the runaway. And Melbourne shows what can be done with good attacking and winning football. Plus it is a huge market.

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