Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I still call Australia home...

Interestingly NRL, which is big here in pineapple land, is introducing a youth league soon. This was opposed by the Broncos because it would mean that their young players would miss out on action against older and experienced players. But rubgy league has few foriegn players in OZ because we have the best league by far - Australian players are sought OS.

Our SBS (formerly known as soccer broadcasting) friend Fossie has been pushing this idea for the A-League.

The problem is that the Roar went for a youthful side last year - invested in the likes of Brosque (whose career in Europe was on the bench of a lower league) and Baird. Stuck with them and then they left. Brosque famously to Sydney where he watches from the bench and Butcher plays 'ground them out'. Anyway, Roar admitted they mistook how intense the A-League was ging to be and looked for experience - letting go a batch of young locals - Jonti, Tyler et al.

Looking for experience leaves few local choices who are willing to move. Even Mori doesn't train here - Sasha P's wife didn't want to leave Sydney (but after the recent Sasha v Butcher press could change their mind?). So we got Ante and some foreigners. Some of these foriegners have suffered more than their share of injuries and others are just not up to it. There is always the question why did they come. On the other hand, the A-League - is an arms race limited by salary cap. Frank has promised to fight with more young Australians.

OS buying is really hit and miss - Fred has been star for Melb but another Brazilian sits on the bench and the other is all but forgotten. But then again Melb have shown that holding the core of squad through thin and thin is the key to ultimate success. Plus of course Archie no getting game time with foreign clubs and coming home - same thing happened to Mori years before.

Apparently, (according to the press) the NZ version of the FA discourages NZders from playing with the Knights. So you get a young NZ talent like Brockie sitting on the bench for Sydney and Christie sitting on the bench for Perth.

Real talent, like Nick Ward, and maybe Dave Williams, are going to go OS. You only get so many years to follow your dreams and pay for your lack of other work experience.

African nations have tried to stop their locals being poached. It doesn't work. This is globalisation at play.

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