Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me fast hit me quick...

When in doubt blame someone. Frank's 'crap' comment and Andrew's follow-up - how do you explain that to children. Kids understand playing hard. And losing, what are only, games is a part of life's lessons. But to fire off blame at your own team, particularly when they are advertising the annual dinner - who does that?

'Crap' makes a headline. It doesn't explain what the coach did in advance to try to prevent that outcome. I have not seen unconstructive criticism improve an individual’s performance. Anyway, it is the fans that catch the media message, players may or may not. And the message to fans sounded like ‘this isn’t worth watching.’ And a well coached Roar is worth watching. What these comments did is split fans between 'Miron was better' and 'Get a new team Frank.' that is not helpful and will not grow crowds.

The Roar are not the socceroos. There are not a team of equal quality players waiting to take the whole team's place. If the Roar finish outside the top four, the players that come, given the salary cap, will be about the same quality as this year. Inexperienced young players or overseas players that no longer attract salaries they cannot refuse.

Players choose a club through looking to fit in or taking a step up from where they are now to further their careers. We have had the 'we'll definitely improve and make the finals in 2006-7' call to arms. The next call to arms must be based on results.
And people judge employers by the way the employer treats their worst performers.

Wouldn't it be better to look what is going wrong and what worked this year?

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