Saturday, December 16, 2006

Don't think twice, It's alright...

A ripsnorter. Back to the good o'l days. And at least I can stop soulsearching and know that the Roar really can play great attacking football and win.

When all the fuss was on Chris Grossman I was wondering about Ben Griffin. Ben sat on the bench last Thursday night and came on at half time in place of Chad Gibson. Tonight he started and Chris had his turn on the bench. Ben played well and realised the push forward potential hinted at in the Round 12 loss to Adelaide. Tonight he took a massive run in to side foot in a long, long left field cross from Damian. OK he is back to King Damian. He too cared tonight and wanted, but couldn't find, a goal.

Man of the match went to the other under 20 international, Dario Vidosic. A header and great strike to twice pull the Roar in front after they were behind from a suspect 29th minute penalty, (Ben Griffin equalised just before half time) and then Central Coast had equalised from a Wayne O'Sullivan penalty box dive in the 77th minute.

Interesting performance from Matthew Breeze. Usually Mr Breeze keeps his own council and by and large gets it right. Tonight he allowed his line assistant to call him into, what on replay, was a clear error to give the 77th minute penalty. The same assistant had been asleep when Mori was pulled down in the box in the first half, and the ref and the other line assistant missed a Central Coast hand ball in the box for the corner which led to Dario's first goal. A fifth penalty in which Central Coaster Andre Gumprecht was fouled was ignored to prevent a stewards' equiry into the whole thing.

Anyway, at last after 26 shots in this match, the Roar goals were real and they were the ones who looked like they could have had more.


Hamish said...

I want one of those shirts.

john said...

Yeh so do I. I searched the web but could not find one. The Brazilians had them. I'll ask them if they are at the Sydney game.

Jeccy - for the Roar said...

I saw one in A-mart All Sports or Struddies or some other sports store like that. But that was right after the world cup, so they may not be there anymore.

Jeccy - for the Roar said...

John, haven't been able to read the Courier Mail (I'm in Germany). What's been happening between Chad and Farina?
I read on that Chad wanted no more bad luck, but what was the Farina reply?