Friday, February 04, 2011

Roar trophy hand over?

The delay of the Brisbane-Fury match means that if CCM beat Melbourne Heart tonight, then Gold Coast on Wednesday 9 Feb, Central Coast will still have a chance of winning the A-League table - if Brisbane loose to Gold Coast. Central Coast's final game is the day after the Brisbane's last match.

It is possible that the Fury match may be delayed further. Particularly if it is to be the last time they get a home A-League match.

This is another reason that concurrent games may be in the best interest of the league. Then if CCM don't win by enough goals Brisbane could be given the trophy in front of the home crowd irrespective of the result against Gold Coast.

Of course, for CCM to win from here would take a massive effort. And I have already called it for Brisbane. Can you give them a trophy if not winning is still possible? And if you don't, when and how do you present the trophy?

It would be good to see FFA promoting the Brisbane v Gold Coast game (8:15pm on 12 Feb)? In the past a crowd of at least 20,000 would have been expected.

This year, with some hope that the trophy would be held high by a triumphant local Matt McKay returning as a Socceroo star and the symbolic and cathartic return of a Brisbane team to the flood recovered Suncorp, a sell out should have been expected.


Over the last 6 years, FFA don't seem to have been able to deal with the massive and untapped potential of Brisbane. Brisbane has been the closest rival to Melbourne's crowds without any silverware.


orangecrush said...

Hopefully a huge crowd to see the plate awarded at the GCU game. Unless of course teh FFA decide to hand it over at Skilled Park on Tuesday night ....:-(

Would not surprise me.

BTW - rumours today that DeVere was sold for only $400k? What the!

john said...

$400,000 was the fee to Roar.

Ange is gently complaining about the roar board.