Sunday, February 06, 2011

Don't be surprised if Ange Postecoglou is coach of Melb Heart next season (some time?)

(Edit: Ange's contract is believed to be till March 2012. Maybe I fell into a honey trap).

The current owners do not have the resources to match other A-League clubs.

While they are happy to have an investor or investors, for the right and big price, take minority interests, they will not give up control. Unfortunately, this has been a deal breaker for ambitious potential owners. And a frustration for FFA.

The lack of money was the cause of problems for Miron and Frank, and now Ange.

The current owners will be happy to keep things going as they are, with annual top up funding from FFA and annual year end sales of fan favourites. On the other hand, the FFA and other clubs and their fans are starting to see this policy as unacceptable.

Ange is already saying that his goal is to win the Asian Champions League and that current Roar club policy will not get him there. His contract expires in March 2011. It will not be a pay rise that keeps him in Brisbane it will be (I believe) a commitment to:

1. a marquee Australian player of his choice,
2. a marquee international player of his choice,
3. no more sales of the current squad
4. a full foreign roster (4 or 5 for next year)

My guess is that this will cost an additional $1.5m to $2.5m per year. Ironically, if the Roar had been prepared to spend this type of extra money 6 years ago, crowd takings would have more than covered the investment. As it is the Roar are struggling to find airplay to reach fans.

Over to you Roar Board.

Or will the FFA show that it has a plan?


Roarchild said...

I have heard Heart have their own $$$ issues.

Victory actually makes sense on a lot of levels..... that would just about crush me if that happened.

So so dissapointed with the club today :(

Ange is the best thing that ever happened to this club and they are pissing it away.

john said...

Take care Roar Child

I am guessing.

Plenty of Jedi Mind Games happening. Thought I would try my own.

Anonymous said...

Roar is not happening - that is fact. He was interviewed and did not get the gig the first time round. There is a better chance of it happening with Victory - he knows a couple of board members and Victory have the $'s to pay.

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to say Heart is not happening....

john said...

Thanks Anonymous
I thought about Victory but will they really dump Merrick.

Would be a sad, further twist for Brisbane fans.

orangecrush said...

Brisbane Roar - Hot Topics

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Failure to attend Foz's Flood BBQ
McKay's possible departure
FFA Bailout
Susak's departure

Fine print - we won the premiership!

john said...

I was expecting a feature a day on each Roar player. At least one back page.

Anonymous said...

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john said...

Thanks Nick

I'm quite happy with what I've got.