Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brisbane 4 v Gold Coast 0 ... another day at the office

Brisbane played their best football so far. ran rings around a slow Gold Coast. You know a team is in trouble when they are 1-0 in 2 minutes and their centre backs start arguing within 10 minutes. The referee should have given more protection to Brisbane's skills.

Pity Miron went thuggish. Clearly their new no 30 is a dud and a thug.

Zenon should have been sent for his attack on Mitch after Mitch ran rings around him. Plus a pretty good shoot for 2 pens in the first half.

Wasn't Miron saying he was against thuggism?


Hamish said...

Wonderful night. I want to express my support for the fans who smuggled in the orange flares and set them off after the fourth goal. Fantastic atmospheric stuff. The fans have got some really good singing going too. "When the Roar Comes Marching In" was particularly good.

If there was an actual surprise last night it was how BADLY the Gold Coast played. They had no answers and were made to look like amateurs. I'm as partisan as the next Roar fan but I did expect GC to play a bit better than that.

Thanks for keeping the faith John.

john said...

thanks Hamish
hmmm game and club can be frustrating.

wayne said...

Our yoof softened them up mid-week for you guys - still, there were some cracking goals there!

john said...

Thanks for that then Wayne