Monday, January 10, 2011

Wednesday night CCM v Brisbane

This is the real 1 v 2 match. CCM are 4 points behind Adelaide. But they have 3 games in hand.

Expect a massive push by CCM on Roar, they protected key players against Wellington for this one.


wayne -htheroes said...

you got henrique out yeh? but franjic back in - and of course no matty (who's doing just fine in qatar btw, good to see) - so expect to see rose get his ears pinned back unless bozinac steps up - Ill be happy to get a point here tbh. Actually, after adelaides new signings and with leckie back, I think ccm will finish 3rd - good enough for arnie's 1st season. hope you and hamish are dry, well and safe mate.


john said...

Hey Wayne

Boy is it wet here! Does it even rain in Adelaide?

CCM for 2nd!

Great to hear from you.

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