Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wednesday Gold Caost fans should come out to support Roar

Will the player acquisition of Gold Coast, CCM and Adelaide payoff?

If Brisbane win 2 of their 4 games - they will win. 4 draws may not be enough.

Minimum and Maximum points possible if all remaining games are won:
Brisbane 53 v 65 - 4 games
Central Coast 47 v 59 - 4 games
Adelaide 46 v 58 - 4 games
Gold Coast 42 v 57 - 5 games

Roar are probably underdogs now, given the circumstances. Two games down the coast are critical.


orangecrush said...

The only way any of the chasing teams can win is to win all their games and Roar to get no more than 2 pts (unless some huge win for someone makes a 10 goal change in GD). CCM could afford to have a draw IF we got no more pts. The other two are out of it if they drop any pts.

GCU, CCM and AU all play each other - chances of any of them winning all games is slim.

I'd still hate to have to get a result from our last game at GCU

john said...

It is a great story Orangecrush
Pity the local press is more interested in the off season status of the other codes.