Sunday, January 09, 2011

A marketing strategy for the Roar - make hay while the sun shines

Adelaide has shown that it is a club that is serious about the A-League. Its new acquisition Francisco Usucar stared to crush Melbourne Victory 1-4. For Adelaide this victory was about revenge and ensuring that they reward their fans with a trophy this year - probably in the grand final, maybe against Brisbane, maybe CCM or Gold Coast.

But Brisbane probably will get an Asian spot without further investment. Despite being under the salary cap and without any of the potential 4 additional stars (foreign marquee, Australian marquee, guest 10 weeks and prospective coach marquee (the Muscat option)). They are also down one foreign player. So is that OK?


It means that they are exposed to getting snagged in key games by other teams stars. It also means that some of their games have been less than a spectacle as they have relied on players who aren't not quite there or unfit.

But. This isn't just about winning an Asian spot. It is, or should be, about shoring up for the long term, football in Queensland. And also they need to play their part in ensuring the survival of the A-League. Showing how great a team can be, rather than petering out to mediocrity as the team gets tired and other teams get more desperate and buy quality to make up for lack of system.

If they just win the table this season and maybe dip out in the finals, it will disappoint fans (again). Winning will be just something that happened. Like after 1997, when the following year Frank Farina wasn't allowed to spend money on keeping a winning team. Perhaps the Roar Board plan to sell players like Bararouses, like they did at the end of last season, to fund 2011-12.

Instead. The Roar Board should be meeting now. Calling in FFA if they need to. Looking for a way to fund a massive guest player. I would say $120,000 per week for the 7 or 8 weeks that they will have them. They should be looking to jolt the national and local press into looking at the audacity.

But would it be audacity? No.

It would be a normal business decision. A better than even risk. Because the team is already great. Tired. But great. And would lift as all players would want to play along side this new player who would bring in 50,000 to Suncorp and help the Roar to win not 5-0 but 10-0 against teams like Gold Coast (final game of home and away).

Players are for fans. The system is for winning games. Brisbane, a city of 1,000,000 people needs a name to turn down the noise from the 20-20 big bash, the rain and floods, the AFL massive spend, the build-up for the Broncos.

The question for the Roar Board is are they serious? If they are spending now could be the best way to save money in the long term. Brisbane already loses up $5 million per year. Spend a $700,000 or $800,000 now and they could make a profit this year as Suncorp fills up and win new fans for life. You have to make hay while the sun shines.

Then next year the press could be about how disappointing the Gold Coast Suns were. And when are the Roar back.

How will they fund this? Get in a once off sponsor. A major bank, BHP or Rio Tino - anyone willing to trade off coming in after the Roar has proved that they are the best team the A-League has seen.

Please consider.

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