Friday, April 09, 2010

Merger of Roar and United now on cards?


Hamish said...

Wow! Now that is interesting. Know any more?

john said...

Not really Hamish but it now makes sense - roar brings fans but no team- gold coast has a great team but few fans
suncorp for big games - skilled park for playing less popular games.

Anonymous said...

whatever happens there is serious amounts of egg on FFA faces atm.

The SMH wouldn`t have written what they did without something to back it on - newspapers don`t take risks with defamation lightly.


john said...

Yes Clayton san

What is amazing is how close Mike Cockerell is to Fox and the A-League.

Neil said...

Not going to happen. It would be a team without a true home.

john said...

Hi Neil
you are fortunate to live in a city where expansion has gone well.