Sunday, April 18, 2010

A-League must centralise is marketing strategy and resources...

Otherwise this happens:

'Several FFA board members wanted to pull the plug, while Buckley argued that letting the club go to the wall was a terrible signal in a World Cup year. Only when Lowy unilaterally declared to the media that Fury would continue was the debate ended. With Fraser now running the club fulltime, his first priority is to bring in quality staff. Budgeted sponsorships and revenues dried up last season, leading to Matheson's huge outlay, and high-class marketing and commercial staff are urgently required.' Courier Mail

The overall strategy is too fragmented and incoherent. And the poorer clubs tend to try to go without.


orangecrush said...

You mean there is a strategy ...?

Anonymous said...

but ... the FFA don`t seem very good at it either.

like you mentioned before, the FFA stepped in to do GCU`s marketing (and spent a lot of money along the way), and that achieved SFA.


john said...

Thanks Clayton

that is really my point. The game obviously can't afford the skills with a decentralised approach. But that money was used to properly resource a central strategy unit - like in the US MSL - they could have a world class team backing the whole league.