Sunday, April 11, 2010

Decision making

News is now filtering out that FFA spend $1 million trying to increase Gold Coast United's crowd in the 2nd half of the season. To nil result.

Imagine if they had spent this money on a marquee guest player for Brisbane? Brisbane has never had a guest player.

Two of the 3 games against Gold Coast delivered near mortal blows to the Roar. 20,000 turned up to watch the opening game of the season only to be shown, what some suspected, that their team was not going to be competitive. It was quite amazing to be part of the 7,000 in orange shirts that got the train down to skilled park to join the 4,000 Gold Coast supporters. But 5 Gold Coast goals in 47 minutes of the back half of the game highlighted the extent to which the club had let its fans down by giving away key players mid season.

A guest player of world standard could well brought the crowd back into the club. And more importantly positioned it for next year. As it is, the sponsors have already announced that the Roar is unlikely to ever have a marquee.


Hamish said...

Just in case you haven't read Jesse Fink's latest, "FFA's Cock Up."

john said...

Thanks Hamish

no I hadn't - the John commenting is not me.

orangecrush said...

Now that the FFA has created a position for an 'Australian' marquee as well as an 'ordinary' marquee the Roar can be two quality players worse off than everyone else!!

Christian said...

its true. there have been some major mistakes in reagards to a-league in queensland in the last 12 months