Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adelaide 4 v Binh Duong 1: Nathan Burns seals his future

The A-League have tweaked the salary cap rules to allow clubs to pay one Australian Olyroo $150,000 over the cap. Some had suggested that this had been designed to help Adelaide keep Nathan Burns. However, Adelaide have confirmed that Burns is very likely to now leave the club - for of all places Norway. Good luck with that boyo.

In form reminiscent of Reinaldo's game against Sydney last season, Burns set up 3 goals in 6 minutes to produce a nice tape for his new club.

Up to half time things were not looking so good for Adelaide as their final third finishing deserted them and their legs looked very post season. However, the win means Adelaide are now 2 points clear with only two games to go. Only the top team will go through.

Meanwhile Adelaide has now dropped keeper Robert Bajic, young mid-fielder Shaun Ontong (to Newcastle), defender Milan Susak, striker Dez Giraldi (Roar) and winger Bobby Petta while defender Richie Alagich has retired.

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