Sunday, April 13, 2008

ACL thinks about challenging the Foxtel monoploy, then thinks again...

It nearly happened. Internet access pay per view and subscription to all games involving Australian teams. See this ACL official website.

Nearly. But not quite.

Last week one of my mates chose a monthly fee option. Watched a Japanese J-League game and then waited for the Melbourne Victory ACL game.

Suddenly the terms and conditions changed and he was locked out. No Australian Internet Service Providers for games involving Australian teams thanks.

Could be one for you in the A-League season Clayton?

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Anonymous said...

aaargh! looks like japan is locked out as well.

oz, japan, hk and china are listed as "geoblocked" countries.

i might still give it a try for a day or a month or something. maybe there is archived material that i can still access or something else that is interesting.