Saturday, March 17, 2012

Newcastle 1 v Brisbane 2, CCM 1 v Adelaide 0

Brisbane could pay a heavy price for poor finishing against Adelaide. CCM now favoured to win.

Brisbane - gee - doing it the hard way.

Should have beaten a hapless Newcastle defence 6 or 7 -1 including Henrique missing a penalty. Mitch showed him how to do it a bit later. Brisbane fielded a weakened defence - why hasn't Hingert started before now?

Unfortunately, Brisbane had to survive a few Jurman howlers - including not jumping for the Newcastle's set piece goal. That was where Faran stole the show by calling on his coach to drag Berisha (as if that was going to happen).

Faran's disappointing season continued, losing his nerve in a 1 on 1. At least Henrique had his roll from one post to the other (did it cross the line?). Berisha showed us how to do right foot behind the left foot kick - and miss wildly. Mitch also missed 2 one-on-one's but his were harder.

Mitch man of match by a nose from Theo who did a brilliant double save.

Given Brisbane's massive goal difference, Perth now cannot win. CCM must still win to make sure next week as Brisbane play last on the Sunday v Gold Coast.

Wow here we are Gold Coast's last ever game. Train ride anyone?

Max Points at: CCM Brisbane Wellington Perth
11-Mar-12 40
18-Mar-12 48 46 40 43
25-Mar-12 51 49 43 46


Hamish Alcorn said...

I'll be on the train. I reckon a few will be. Exciting finish.

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