Friday, March 16, 2012

Victory 3 show how to completely smash Wellington 0

Wellington were not in this game and will better shooting from Archie Thompson this could have been 6-0. As it was Archie who set up all three goals - all magnificent.

Victory showed us why they are the most entertaining team to watch. But. Also why they, on average, perform so badly. Too many balls pushed too long with little chance of reward - just giving the ball away.

Great games all round including debut from 17 year old Davies - another Kewell?

Wellington is the first of the top 4 to be out of 1st place contention. But could play a wrecking game against CCM next week. Fingers crossed for Roar fans.

Max Points at: CCM Brisbane Wellington Perth
11-Mar-12 45 43 40
18-Mar-12 48 46 40 43
25-Mar-12 51 49 43 46

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