Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brisbane 1 v Melbourne Heart 2

To build a football brand in Brisbane, the Roar had to win last night. While the crowd had already halved from 20,000 to 10,000, Roy Morgan found this week that Brisbane is the most watched (TV) soccer team in the A-League. A shock for Melbourne Victory perhaps.

That was one disappointment from last night. Another was how the Roar played, possession without opportunities = boredom. And the third was the fake injuries and time wasting from Heart. I don't understand why the ref decided to talk to players rather than just card them.

It is now obvious that without Broich and Henrique, Brisbane are off the pace. No surprise Matt Smith is out for Wednesday's game against Wellington, his very poor game could be explained by injury.

The Roar's owners have told members they want to buy a marquee. Ange has told the press he isn't getting one. Watch this space for the first signs of 'artistic differences'. Clearly the Roar squad lacks depth and isn't at the same skill level.

Melbourne Heart played the ensemble game better than Roar in the first and were more physical, knocking timid Roar players off the ball.

If the Roar play this way against CCM, expect the score to be 0-4 plus. At least Broich will be back...


Anonymous said...


Now that opponents have had a chance to see and prepare for the Brisbane system - everybody in the team has to step up a gear. The speed and quality of the passing and movement has to go up another a notch. Perth and Adelaide might have come along like lambs for the slaughter, but other teams won't. Newcastle broke the Roar's passing rhythm very well when they played. But I think this team has room for improvement.

Danning could be part of that improvement - brings a very different skillset to most of his squadmates. Know anything about why Meyer flitters in and out of the squad? He knows where the goal is.

I am still not too sure what happened in the 2nd half when the Roar did improve. Was that the Roar imposing themselves, or was it that Heart stopped playing?


john said...

Hi Clayton

Meyer is out with injuries. He seems to have had a few.

In 2nd half Heart sat back and protected lead, including frustrating through time wasting. FFA should act on that.