Saturday, December 17, 2011

Failed game promotion backfires on Roar

A failed 'double header' promotion of the youth team game before the main event backfired badly for Brisbane. Not only was the crowd only 10,006 and only a few hundred at best turned up early, but Theo's goal mouth was drenched before the kick off. This water led to Theo's miss kick which gifted Central Coast the game and the Roar 4th straight loss.

Suncorp was already carrying water before the sprinklers were turned on and large quantities of sand had been laid at the end which was to be Theo's home for the first half. At best the pre-match watering was ill considered, at worst foolhardy. It will be interesting to hear what went into the decision making. Further, after 7 years playing at Suncorp the Roar should know that the pitch cannot take 2 games in 4 hours. And as expected the pitch gave way under foot at critical stages.

As the photo shows, way too much water soaked Theo's goal and goal kicking area.Also note the lack of a crowd for the youth game.

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