Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pauly TV - Brilliant

Pauly TV is here.

And it is just what is needed. As well as covering local games it is covering the Brisbane Roar pre-season. The latest addition is coverage of the Brisbane v Olympic game including a quality interview with coach Ange and local coach Bobby Hamilton. It includes 4 Roar goals scored in the first half including a cracker from Henrique, and the first coverage of the Roar's - fresh off the plane, new German mid-fielder.

Great work Paul and Friends - I know it takes hours to edit a 90 minute plus clip.


Hamish said...

Good to see ya John!

Brilliant stuff. Have bookmarked the site. TRhe Roar was looking encouraging too, and Ange came accross well.

Sheeeshh! I have so many thoughts/notes on the A-League accumulating, but I'm postponing all that until after the World Cup. I'm keeping an eye on it, and hope that you keep sharing your thoughts as you do.


john said...

Hey Hamish have a great World Cup - not long now

Matt Greenlaw said...

Pauly TV looks great! Hadn't heard of it before. Good on them for getting some quality images and interviews up there. :-)

Ed Vegas said...

Great stuff!