Saturday, June 19, 2010

Faustian Pact

Harry Kewell lashed out at Mike Cockerill for his comments about Hary and Socceroo disunity. A closer look draws the link to Mark Bosnich and Robbie Slater, both also reported to be having a blast at Pim.

All three are regular Fox commentators on the A-League. And while Mike Cockerill has been blasting away at the FFA for a while including a A-League is built 'on sand' comment. The other two are usually more restrained.

I can't say their motivations. But Fox has the most to lose at the moment. Hamstrung by legislation from showing the World Cup, they have the rights to all other Socceroo games. And a new contract will be due soon. The A-League, initially an agreement to telecast 1 in 4 games per week, showed great success for Fox for its first 4 years. Last year the ratings fell. And it had been hoped that the World Cup would provide a 4 yearly boost to the local league - with renewed public interest, commitment from kids and new heroes ending their foreign careers for 2 seasons in the A-League.

However, after just one game and some very unconvincing friendlies local Australian interest in soccer has been clobbered.

It is possible that Cockerill, Bosnich and Slater are reacting to the impact of Pim's skills on the A-League. After all, New Zealand has proved that the A-League does have players that are good enough to make an impact at a World Cup.

Pim's conservatism has led him to pick players from Europe that are unfit and perhaps too old.

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ed said...

Fair point. Pim has not done the A-LEague any favours. Herbert for Australia? Oh the irony.

Go the Roos!! (in desperation rather than genuine hope)