Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gold Coast United Raid Roar

It is very disappointing that money bags Gold Coast United have used their Miron Bleiberg connections to raid the Roar's back office staff. Bleiberg has so far coached 4 key operations from the Roar. Is this what the FFA wants?

Surely a new club with mega dollars should be looking to bring in new stars to the field and to the management of the game - rather than both potentially weakening an existing club and pushing up the cost of existing experience and operations.

Fox Sports has named senior staff on the move covering: finance, marketing, commercial and media. It is very sad to see these moves at the start of a critical season.

The AFL is the place the A-League should be looking for football code management experience particularly in marketing and ticket sales. However, poaching from AFL will be expensive, particularly in Brisbane where the Bears have established themselves as a leading club able to fill the Gabba and supply management talent into AFL headquarters. That is why money bags Gold Coast as the new player with start-up challenges should have forked out for this talent. They are not doing their job to expand football and it is disappointing.

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