Monday, June 30, 2008

Buck up your ideas: A week in football...

Frank Farina has indicated that 16 year old Thomas Oar will debut in his first major game for the Roar against Palmeiras at Land Park 12 July. That should be worth the admission.

Foxtel's Football Superstar is not great viewing - all drills and mini games - but it appears to be pulling some interesting young players out of the woodwork - from 10 finalists in each state a final 15 has been chosen by Sydney coach John Kosmina. Ultimately, one player will get a contract with Sydney FC - there are worse ways of doing this and all teams will get a look at some quality pre-talent (one player tried to get in via Melbourne and Adelaide). I'd like to see they take this up north particularly in our indigenous communities.

The Roar won't have Brazilians this season. Last season the A-League couldn't get enough South Americans. The issue is if they have proved themselves they have European contracts. If they are a safe bet, Asian clubs (as we have seen in the Champions league) will fork out for them. So the A-League tends to get those that are long shots or has beens. Even Juninho looked far too brittle for the A-League. With the Roar, showing its origins, paying up for Dutchman Sergio van Dijk, it will be difficult for them to fill their 4 foreigner quota with quality players.

Hence the interest in Scottish wild man Charlie Miller. Miller, 32, is a former team mate of Craig Moore's while at Rangers. He has a reputation of disagreeing with his coach and ending up in the stands. If Miller comes on-broad, he will add to the Roar's powder keg of Moore and Tiatto.

Speaking of such kegs, the Financial Review's 'Nil all - soccer becomes a proxy for the troubles of Israel' by David Goldblatt (AFR Review Section 27 June 2008), gives an insight into the politics that is Israeli football. Key teams are backed by political parties and political wannabes seeking promote their views and antagonise Arabs. The football stands are used as a venue to promote some very narrow views - nasty stuff.


Guido said...

John, Is this the article about Israel football that you refer to?

Maybe the AFR changes its title.

john said...

Yes Guido that is it