Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tommy Oar - on his way to the Roar

The Queensland State League is doing its job - even if some teams are finding it a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.

Tommy Oar bends free kicks like Beckham. He is 16 and he is signed for the Roar! He currently plays for Queensland Institute of Sport and is being watched by QAS and Roar keeper-coach Fernando Alves. Last week FFA National Development Manager Rob Baan watched him bend a free kick around a 5 man wall and into the goal. Can't wait to photo this guy.

The Brisbane Strikers is being used as a base for a few second shots at glory. Our mate Stewart McLaren is captain coach (again), and another former Roar from version one Reece Tollenaere is there too. And former Striker from Frank Farina's days Chay Hews is there too. Chay has made it clear he is out to prove to Frank Farina that after stints at Vastra Frolunda, IF Sylvia (Sweden), Carlisle United (England), and Bellmare Hiratsuka (Japan), he has something for the Roar midfield. Mmmmm. Tough battle for that position at 32.

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