Saturday, May 31, 2008

Socceroos and my football week

Rain. That is the latest threat to tomorrow's Socceroo's game. And not merely slowing it down and making it less expansive. We are expecting the winter version of a tropical storm. Fraser Island coped 150 mils. It is forecast to start raining in the afternoon and keep going.

This comes on top of the week of heartache we have had over whether FIFA would let Iraq play. And it is just too hard to know who or what to believe on that score. Iraq Football Association president Hussein Saeed came to the FIFA congress and reassured everyone he hadn't been sacked. And the World Cup qualifier was given the go ahead. But we are also told that Saeed is FIFA boss Sepp Blatter's friend. We are also told that Iraq's winnings from last year's Asia Cup have disappeared, that the former head was kidnapped in 2006 and not heard of again and that several other board officials have also disappeared. And that deadlines for a FIFA required election of IFA officials have long past and that the last election was 5 years ago. So if all this is true can a football federation continue without sanction? And was the previous IFA under Uday Hussein (Saddam Hussein's son) OK even though there was no election and apparent torture?

Anyway, on the entertainment front Miron Bleiberg is back in the news. You will recall that the FFA decided not to allow his Gold Coast Galaxy team to be the 9th A-League team this coming season. At the time the Fox commentators wondered who else FFA may have in mind. I thought they meant bidders from elsewhere. But there is now speculation that Miron has gone behind the Galaxy bid to a new bid funded by billionaire Cliver Palmer. Galaxy have dismissed Miron and asked the FFA for clarification. Apparently, Palmer wanted to be part of the Galaxy bid but terms couldn't be agreed. there is more water to go under this bridge (probably tomorrow but hopefully not at Lang Park). Oh and the decision not to go with 9 this season has meant we only get two teams in the Champions' League.

Juventus beat Melbourne 4-1. The difference was their capacity in front of goal. If only players in the A-League could head like that - bam break the back of the net (2 of the goals came from headed crosses).

At the last minute former Juventus star Zidane cancelled his Australian exhibition game and refugee coaching session. Apparently he was off somewhere else. However, it seems he over-estimated interest in seeing him here. He doesn't have the crowd interest here of Beckham and it was a poorly chosen weekend. Although at one stage we thought he may be called up to Brisbane to play the Socceroos if the Iraqis were denied.

I've go to go and prepare my wet weather gear... snorkel anyone?

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