Monday, June 11, 2007

Support your A-League Team - ticketing time

Ticketing time is approaching. Season 3 will be a difficult year for A-League teams. If you want to see them next year, they need your support now.

The Roar have released their season ticketing prices.

A single adult can get to see 11 games this year (teams take it in turns to get 10 or 11 home games) for only $176. At $16 per game that is pretty good value that won't be repeated at the turnstile. Parent child minimum priced tickets are $216 (under $9 per person - better than the movies), and Family minimums are $390 for 2 adults and 2 by 15 years or less (again under $9 per person).

There are no bad seats at Lang Park and the higher levels are unlikely to be used - and certainly won't be for season tickets. So minimum prices are good value. Having said that, the Roar are aiming for at least one 50,000 crowd this year. Last year's top crowd - the last game v Sydney was 32,000. If they are to make this, then the Roar will need to put on a show.

Now. If you want to do more than just watch. And really I want to be playing. But given Frank isn't set to pick me, then the Foundation membership is the go - an extra $125 for an adult, or $150 for an adult and child, or $195 for 2 adults and 2 children - you get to meet the players after each home game, an invite to lunch with the players and 20% discount on team stuff. By the end of the season you will know most players and they will know you. Does any other club offer this?

And a message to you Roary on this - work the Football Brisbane connection and the local clubs, particularly youth and junior teams. After all I understand that the Queensland Lions sell down and your research shows that you think broadening your appeal is linked to distancing Roary from one club. However, without poker machine backing it is a leap of faith. You need to get into inboxes like the 'Football family' does for national team games. Go all out - don't hold back.


Cecilia said...

Sounds good. I wanna be a Queensland fan! :'(

Meanwhile, I've signed up for another year of awful seating at Telstra Dome.

wayne said...

whereas i've signed up for a year's worth of the salubrious Bluetongue stadium - not too big, not too small, haha..a very snazzy, unsolicited (how did they get my name and address?) brochure to hawk memeberships, with all local clubs getting sponsered by individual players (my club, SEU got Andre Gumprecht!),very impressed by their "push". It's all so very..professional.

john said...

Ah for John Singletons help.